Welcome to Forgot My Toothbrush, founded by Rachael Goldstein and Manuela Tripepi on April 28th, 2018. We created this travel website/blog so we can share our experiences and travel tips with you. We are not (yet) full time travelers, but hey, we can dream! Before we travel, we spend hours, days, or weeks researching what to do, what not to do, how to do it, how to get there, etc. Hopefully our tips and experiences can help you spend a little less time researching!


About Rachael

As of 2014, I had been on 5 plane trips, and had never left the country (except via cruise ship)! Then I met my wife, who is from Italy, and I had no choice but to get over my fear of flying. Fast forward to today, and I have taken more trips and been to more places in the last 4 years than in my entire life before that.  I am an attorney at a public defender’s office by day (and night), and a traveler by vacation days. Join us as we share our journeys with you!

Also, I’m obsessed with my rescue Persian cats, Blue and Simba.

I also really like my dogs 🙂

About Manuela

I was born and raised in Italy and then in July 2006 I started my adventure in the USA. I booked a trip that was supposed to last 3 months…then it became 2 years…fast forward to 2018 and I am still living in Philly.  We often travel back to Italy to see my family, but we also explore other parts of the world as well.


I asked Rachael in August of 2014 to join my soccer team; little did I know I would find in her my perfect companion. She did mention at our wedding that she only understands 70% of what I say, so there is that…maybe this is the secret to a happy relationship 🙂 Jokes aside, I couldn’t imagine my life, my house, my trips without her. 


When we are not traveling, I work as an Assistant Professor at Arcadia University and since I don’t like to rest, I also work in real estate as an agent and investor.



manu about me

NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, all photos were taken by us (and were almost definitely taken with an iPhone). If you want to use one, just ask and credit us! We are not photographers, nor are we aspiring to be photographers, though we certainly hope you enjoy our photos. Our hope is that our tips and experiences, including our photos, help you plan your trip a little better so you can go take your own photos and create your own memories when you get a chance! 🙂