If you have more than a day or two to spend in Venice, travel to some of the surrounding islands!




The island of Burano is a nice place to visit. It’s pretty small and there’s honestly not that much to do there, but we still really enjoyed our visit there. All of the houses in Burano are painted these bright colors, and it makes for quite the view. Getting there from Venice is pretty easy – it’s about a 45 minute vaporetto ride, and costs somewhere around 7 euros per person.




You can also buy a day-pass to use on the vaporettos, which is helpful if you plan on seeing some of the other islands in the same day, which is what we did. Burano is definitely touristy, but it seemed far less crowded than Venice was, so that was a nice change. Once you get away from the main area where the vaporetto lets you off, it’s very quiet and peaceful. There’s a lot of shopping in Burano, and the island is known for its lace, so you will see countless lace items for sale in all of the shops throughout the island, as well as a lace museum that you can visit.



The leaning bell tower in Burano is one of the main sights on the island. You’ll definitely have a better view of it as you are approaching the island than you will when you’re on the island, so pay attention on your way there. Once you get to Burano and find the tower (it’s pretty tough to miss), you can get an up close look at it. It was pretty cool to see. I didn’t find the inside especially notable – the views of the actual tower were cooler than anything we saw inside the church it was attached to.






After we visited Burano, we decided to also visit Torcello in the same day. We only spent a few hours at Burano, so we had plenty of time. Pictured is the Ponte del Diavolo, or the Devil’s Bridge. According to a Venetian legend, the Devil  himself sometimes shows up on this bridge to collect a debt.


 ponte del diavolo - torcello


Torcello was even less populated than Burano, so it was also a nice place to take a break from the crowds of Venice.





While visiting Torcello, you can also visit The Church of Santa Maria Assunta. You can climb to the top and get a decent view out into the lagoon. There’s not a whole lot to see in Torcello, but I still enjoyed our visit and would recommend it if you want to have a slow-paced day. There were a couple shops and restaurants, and there were also a number of artists painting and drawing on the street, which was cool to see. If you plan on visiting Burano or Murano, take the trip to Torcello as well. Otherwise, I would skip it.